New Windows Can Lower Your HVAC Costs

Did you know that your HVAC system can account for 58 percent your utility costs? That’s more than half of your energy every month, and some of it is potentially wasted by inefficient, old, or single-pane windows. When energy is lost through building envelope, your HVAC system has to work harder to compensate, and that results in higher electric bills.

Replacing your windows with energy-efficient alternatives is an excellent way to boost your home’s overall efficiency. It is important to choose windows that are Energy Star-certified and have appropriate ratings from the National Fenestration Research Council. Also consider the U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient of each window. Finally, look for double-paned windows that further reduce heat transfer, keep your home comfortable, and minimize your energy costs.

Wallside Windows proudly provides excellent and versatile replacement windows. We can customize these windows to fit your home, and help you gain increased energy efficiency and, in turn, lower utility bills. Give us a call at (313) 908-5243 today. 

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