Making the Most of Your Closet Space

Making the Most of Your Closet Space Closets are easily one of the most important spaces in our homes. We need them to store our clothes and they help block us from having to look at clutter. But closets also one of the most difficult places to keep organized. Between the fact that we reach into them at least once a day when we get dressed and the time we spend putting our laundry away each week, it’s very easy for closets to get disorganized very quickly. As if that weren’t enough, many people feel like their closets are simply never large enough. Here are a few ways you can maximize the space in your closets and help keep them organized in the long run.

Over-the-Door Shoe Racks

No list of closet organization tips would be complete without mentioning over-the-door shoe racks. They truly are one of the most helpful tools you can have when it comes to organizing a closet. By storing your shoes off the floor, you’ll be freeing up space to store other things. Plus shoe racks are a great way to keep clutter under control and prevent you from making any frantic last-minute searches for missing shoes.

Best of all, over-the-door shoe racks don’t even have to be limited to just storing shoes. Many people use vinyl pocket over-the-door shoe racks to store things like T-shirts, scarves, gloves, socks, and other accessories or smaller pieces of clothing that can don’t take up much room.

Dividers and Bins

It’s much easier to keep a closet organized when everything has a designated place to go. By using bins and putting dividers on your closet rod, it’s easy to create a specific place for everything. If you’re looking for a certain sweater, you’ll never have to go searching through your entire closet to find it, you’ll know to go straight to your sweater section.

Look for Hidden Storage Opportunities

All closets have a limited amount of space available, but sometimes, you might be able to find some hidden storage opportunities. For example, do you keep your suitcases in your closet? If so, they can double as a great storage space for things like extra blankets or out-of-season clothing when they’re not being used.

Slimline Hangers

Hangers might not seem like they take up a lot of room, but you might be surprised how much space you can free up by replacing thick plastic hangers with slimline hangers. Slimline hangers take up very little room and are covered with a velvety material that prevents pieces of clothing from sliding off. Best of all, many slimline hangers have built-in hooks so you can cascade your hangers, freeing up even more space in your closet.