Maintaining your windows throughout the summer with Wallside Windows

Clean and inspect your windows now to keep them looking their best and working properly.

Clean and inspect your windows now to keep them looking their best and working properly.

Now that summer is here, it’s time to make sure your windows are in good condition to give you months of fresh air through inspection and simple maintenance. 

Wallside Windows service technician Shawn Pickens said spring, early summer and fall are important times to inspect your windows.

“A good visual inspection of the inside, and especially the outside, are very important. Look at things like the integrity of the caulking, and the window and screens themselves,” he said.  

When you do your early summer inspection, make sure your windows operate correctly. This means they should easily open and close, and all locks and latches should be intact and functioning. 

If there are any problems with the window’s operation, parts or glass, set up an appointment with a service technician. Shawn said most repairs are fairly easy and efficient. Plus, Wallside Windows come with a 35-year, transferrable warranty, so we stand by ready to help repair issues that arise. 

When it comes to maintenance, Shawn said it’s best to start with “a good old fashioned cleaning with soapy water and window cleaner.” He suggested cleaning tracks, sashes and the glass. Try not to flood the window, and if you use a garden hose, be prepared for how hard the concentrated volume of water can spray at the window. Give the window time to drain before you move on to the next step, which Shawn said it important and probably the most overlooked: lubrication of moving parts.   

At least twice a year, use silicone spray or Teflon spray to lubricate the parts. Avoid oily products such as WD-40 or waxes because they will attract dirt and dust and cause problems. The same goes for olive oil, which you might see recommended online, but Shawn said that gums up windows, attracts bugs and dust, and smells bad.   

“This lubrication will not only make the windows operate much smoother, but will take a lot of the stress off the moving parts, allowing them to last much longer,” Shawn said. “If you are unsure how or where to lubricate, a service technician can give advice.”

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