Liven Up Your Walkway

Liven Up Your Walkway Whether you’re looking for a way to change up your front yard or want to add something new to your backyard, a new walkway or replacing an existing walkway with one in a different type of material is a great way to go. When you’re dealing with a walkway in the front of your home, a stylish new walkway can be a good way to boost your home’s curb appeal and make your home look more inviting. In a backyard, a walkway can be a very nice way compliment to a beautiful yard.

One of the hardest things about changing up your walkway is trying to decide which type of material you’d like to use There are so many different options available, so which one is best for you really depends on things like how much you’d like to spend and how much maintenance you’re willing to deal with. You’ll also have to consider how much traffic your walkway. A walkway leading to your front door is inevitably going to get a lot more traffic than one in your backyard, so you’ll want to go with something nice and durable like brick, concrete, or granite. Or if you’re dealing with a walkway that will get a lot of traffic from wheels, such as wheelchairs, strollers, or bicycles, you’ll want to choose a material that would be easy for wheels to maneuver over.


Brick has been a popular choice for walkways for a very long time. Not only are they very durable and easy to care for, they also add a very classic, elegant look to a home. Bricks can also be laid in interesting patterns to add more visual interest. If you want to go with a dry-laid brick walkway, you don’t even need to hire a professional to install it since all you need are sand and gravel to hold the bricks in place instead of concrete.


Concrete is one of the most popular choices for walkways for good reason. It’s extremely durable, easy to care for, and isn’t as expensive as some other options. A poured concrete walkway will last for years to come and can easily be used in the most heavily trafficked areas of your yard. If you don’t want to hire someone to come out and pour a concrete walkway for you, concrete pavers, like you’d use to build a patio, are another great choice and can be installed without a professional. Or if you like the look of natural stone, there are stamped concrete pavers available that mimic the look of natural stone, but at a lower price.

Gravel/Crushed Stone

When you live in an area that can have very snowy winters, gravel and crushed stone walkways aren’t the most practical choice for a walkway that you’d have to shovel frequently since it would be so easy to pick up the gravel with the snow. But it is an excellent choice for less heavily trafficked areas like in a backyard since it’s pretty inexpensive and easy to install yourself. You can easily use plastic edging to create a curved, winding gravel path around your yard or keep it straight. Just be sure to use plastic edging or another type of material like brick or larger stone to help keep the gravel contained in its intended area. Laying some landscaping fabric underneath the gravel will also help prevent weeds from growing through.

Natural Stone

With its natural good looks and durability, natural stone is an excellent match for a wide variety of styles of landscaping and homes. The color and pattern variations that naturally comes with stone is something that a lot of homeowners love, but lookalike materials never seem to get quite right. Unfortunately, natural stone is the most expensive material to use on a walkway. Many types of natural stone, like marble, limestone, and travertine, require sealing to prevent damage from moisture, so it’s not the most low maintenance option, either.

Remember, you don’t have to choose just one type of material for walkways. Many people like to mix and match materials, such as using gravel to outline concrete pavers or brick to edge a walkway made of natural stone, to create completely unique walkways.