Increase Your Home’s Resale Value in 3 Steps

At Wallside Windows, we often get the first call when homebuyers come across a property they like, that needs a little work. Windows make a difference. Sometimes, families selling a home overlook the windows that need replacement.

Spruce up your home with new windows and you'll increase its appeal to potential home buyers.

Spruce up your home with new windows and you'll increase its appeal to potential home buyers.

Preparing to sell a home often brings to mind a list of home improvement projects you’ve been considering but haven’t had the time or inspiration to tackle. From new windows to a fresh coat of paint, there are lots of options for sprucing up your home - both inside and out - that increase its appeal to home buyers.

But with so many options, which projects should you tackle first? What will yield the highest return on your investment? Below, Angie Dobbins, a realtor with Hall & Hunter Realtors in Birmingham, Michigan, shares some tips for improving your home’s resale value.

1. Clean

A simple and no-cost way to increase your home’s appeal to buyers is a thorough cleaning and decluttering, said Dobbins.

“No matter the budget, a clean house always appears to good advantage,” said Dobbins. “Less is definitely best!  Do all your donating and removing extra or old items before you put the house on the market.” 

2. Repair

With cobwebs and clutter out of the way, you might start to notice areas of your home that have fallen into disrepair. These should be prioritized over upgrades, said Dobbins. And don’t even think about trying to hide them!

“I think the biggest mistake homeowners make is trying to cover over areas that need to be repaired,” said Dobbins. “I see a lot of paint over crumbling stairs and porches. The homeowner would be better served to have the repairs made on the front end, rather than have to address them after the inspection.”

3. Update

Once your home is cleaned, organized and repaired, it’s time to turn your attention to areas in need of an upgrade. This is where budget considerations come into play. Thankfully, there are options for improvements at every price range.

“With a small budget, painting in neutral, current colors can help. A nice pot with flowers by the front door adds color and interest. New counter tops or faucets can update a bathroom or kitchen for a minimum amount of money,” said Dobbins. “With a larger budget, windows, doors and hardware are great investments. A new kitchen or bath is a great help.”

Homeowners considering updating the exterior of their home should focus on “things that people know have value,” said Dobbins. Doors and windows are a good place to start. For those considering new windows, Michigan-based Wallside Windows offers affordable and long-lasting vinyl windows to homeowners across the state and in northern Ohio. Experts at the family-owned company manufacture windows in an array of styles custom-built for each home.

When it comes to choosing window styles, “I think picture windows or transoms are always popular,” said Dobbins. “The more light, the better! I see a lot of clients adding walls of windows and transoms in new construction right now.”

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