Improving Your Window Security

Improving Window Security When it comes to improving home security, one of the first places most homeowners start is their doors. They certainly don’t want to literally leave the door open for burglars, but it’s important not to overlook the second most common point of entry: windows.

After you’ve taken the time to have new vinyl replacement windows installed in your home, here are a few ways you can protect your investment and keep your home and family safe:

Window Locks

Whether it’s your front door or a window, locks are always a great way to boost your home’s security. If your windows came with locking mechanisms, make sure you’re in the habit of using them. But if your windows don’t already have locks, you can easily buy some at any hardware store for just a few dollars.

Sensors and Alarms

Many of us have alarms on our cars and our doors that go off if someone tries to break into them, but many homeowners overlook putting security sensors and alarms on their windows. If you have a home security system, make sure it monitors your windows. If you don’t have a security system, you can buy individual window sensors that will sound an alarm if the window is broken or opened. These sensors generally aren’t very expensive and are simple to install.

Don’t Make a Burglar’s Job Easy

The last thing you want to do is provide an intruder with a nice place to hide while they try to break into your home. Shrubs and bushes planted close to windows not only offer an excellent place to hide, some types are sturdy enough to help burglars climb into your home. If you’re going to keep bushes planted close to your home, stick to ones that either have thorns or aren’t strong enough to be climbed and keep them well trimmed. You may also want to consider having motion-activated lights installed outside your home near your windows.

Even if an intruder manages to get your window open, you can still make it difficult for them to get any further than that. If you keep things on a shelf right by the window that can easily be knocked over and make a lot of noise, it’s unlikely a burglar will be willing to push their luck and keep on going through the window.

Secure Your Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning units that sit in windows can keep your home cool during the summer, but an unsecured window air conditioning unit can make it easy for a burglar to get in. All an intruder would have to do is push the air conditioner in and they’ll have no problem getting into your home. If you have a window air conditioner unit, make sure it’s secured with brackets, corner braces, or a sliding window lock.