How to Promote Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Air Conditioner There’s a reason why stepping outside to “get some air” is such a widely used phrase. Although it may not be visible to the naked eye, it’s fairly common for indoor air to be polluted with a plethora of different pollutants. According to a startling figure provided by the Greenguard UL Environment, the air we breathe indoor is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. This is generated by a collection of contributing factors such as molds, gaseous substances from cooking, secondhand smoke, and an overall poor stream of airflow throughout the home. To counteract the composite of indoor pollutants, follow these tips for an overall healthier home environment.

Clean Away The importance of maintaining a clean household at all times cannot be stressed enough. Amongst many other worthwhile reasons, living spaces should be kept tidy in order to keep allergens, dust particles, and multiple other types of grime at bay. Thoroughly vacuum, mop, and dry your carpet in order to most efficiently purge these contaminants. Use a duster to eliminate dirt from other surfaces that these substances may be found atop such as cabinets and other hard-to-reach places.

Incorporate Plants as Air Filters Plants have a built-in biological air filtration system that can be utilized to purify our home’s air. This doesn’t go for all plants, though. The filtration capacities varies with each plant based off of size and species. Position these plants by a garden window that casts a large spread of sunlight so that your plants are healthy and can fully perform their air filtration abilities.

Enact Strict No-Smoke Policy The effects of smoking go beyond impacting just the smoker - it impacts their surrounding environment, too. The secondhand smoke sticks to furniture, clothes, and other areas of the home. Lay down a no-smoke law in the house to foster cleaner air.

Encourage Air Circulation This may be common sense, but the importance of it cannot be understated. Quality outdoor air works wonders for refining and freshening up a room. Likewise, it works great for clearing out congested smells or revitalizing a room with stagnant air.