How to Find Out if Your Windows are Rotted

How to Find Out if Your Windows are Rotted While wooden windows look very nice, they are at risk for problems. One of the main issues is that they can rot very easily. This is especially true for homes that are located where there is a lot of rain and humidity. Water and moisture can easily get into the cracks and, if your windows were not installed properly, can sit there on the wood leaving them at risk for rotting. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not even aware that their windows are rotting until something major happens. For this reason, it is important to check them at least once a year.

The first thing you want to do is visibly inspect the windows. If you see any paint that appears wavy or bubbled, it could be a sign of rot. You may also notice that some of the wood appears to have bowed out and is no longer flush. When water gets into the wood, it will cause the wood to swell and warp. These are definitely signs that your windows have a problem.

After a visual inspection, get a small, sharp knife or a metal skewer type tool. Start by poking the knife or metal skewer into the wood where you suspect that it might be rotting. If the wood feels spongy and soft, see how far you can push the tool in. You can tell the extent of the rot by how far you can actually push the tool into the wood. If the rot extends deep, you will need to do some major repairs.

If the rot around your windows is minimal, you may be able to repair it with wood epoxy. The rot will have to be removed first so that it can be replaced with the epoxy. This will harden up and once it is painted, no one will ever notice that there was a problem. If the window sill is completely rotten, you may wish to replace the boards so that it does not spread to your windows themselves. Most people often find that installing vinyl replacement windows is the best solution or them. These replacement windows are affordable and you will no longer have to worry about the windows rotting out. You will still need to check the area surrounding the windows, but your windows will be safe from rot in the future. It is often the simplest solution. Even if you repair the damage on your wooden windows or replace your rotted windows with new wooden windows, you’re still at risk of more rot a few years down the road.