Home Window Security 101

Though burglars in movies and TV shows use a variety of sophisticated methods to gain access to high-security areas, it’s unlikely that your home will be the target of such sophisticated criminals. An intruder seeking entry into your home would most likely enter through a window, either by breaking through the glass or finding a sash that is unlocked. If the burglar is successful, you will have to replace more than just your window glass. Learn the basics of securing your home’s windows below: Lock All Windows

Smart, determined criminals will check every window in your home to see if it is locked before they resort to noisily breaking a windowpane. This is because they would prefer to slip in without alerting your neighbors. Before you leave the house, make sure all windows are locked, including the upper sashes of double-hung windows and windows on upper stories.

Move Objects that Tempt Burglars

If a thief can look through the living room window and see valuable items inside a potential victim’s home, such as stereos, flatscreen TVs, or expensive computers, then the home becomes an easy target. If you can’t avoid placing these items near the windows, then close your blinds or drapes while you are away so intruders can’t see in.

Install Security Equipment

If you can’t afford a full-home security system, you can at least purchase inexpensive alarms that go off if anyone attempts to force your windows open. You can also obtain window stickers that announce your home is protected by a security system, which is enough to deter many small-time criminals even if your home isn’t protected. To keep intruders from slipping in through vulnerable points, such as basement windows, consider installing metal bars.

If you need to replace windows that have been forced open or smashed by intruders, or if you are ready to replace your home’s existing windows, call Wallside Windows of Michigan at (313) 908-5243. We are both the manufacturers and installers of our windows, so you can rest assured that we provide only the highest quality services to all our customers.