Guest Room Windows - Keep it Comfortable for Friends and Family

Guest room bedroom with bed, TV, and curtains As Thanksgiving, Christmas and other winter holidays approach, thoughts turn to family and friends, eating too much yummy food and spending cozy evenings together. Though the holiday bills are higher, thoughts of energy efficiency and remodeling may go out the window in the midst of budgeting for gifts and guests. When friends and family come to stay, you want to make sure their visit is comfortable and relaxing.

One great way to do this is by treating the guest room windows with special attention.

Prevent unpleasant drafts and leaks. Not only are window leaks bad for your heating bills and the environment, but they're not very pleasant for the guests who have to live with one either. Your family and friends should not stay in a chilled room. Test for drafts around guest room windows and use weather-stripping or sealant to stop them.

Add extra protection and privacy with curtain options. Curtains and drapes are usually chosen for their looks more than their insulation properties, but this is another important aspect of window treatment choice. In a guest room, the options should be customizable by each family member or friend who stays over the holidays.

Aunt Mary may like light-blocking blinds and thick curtains to make the room pitch black at night, while your best friend Kate may enjoy seeing the moonlight filter through sheers. Cater to every guest's desire at once with layered window treatments. Then they can choose what works best for them.

Only use safe and sleep-friendly decorations. Never put a candle on the windowsill. While the fire hazard is obvious for real candles, it is a good idea to skip the electric Christmas candle decorations as well. Guests do not want to be bothered with turning it on or off or dealing with the glow all night long. Festive curtain tie-backs, a sprig of faux flowers on the windowsill or an unbreakable holiday knickknack are all great ideas.

Making friends and family feel comfortable in your home requires good food options, a careful mixture of active fun and relaxation and a guest room that serves as a private oasis where they can truly take a break. Proper window insulation, window cover options and safe decor will make the experience perfect for everyone.