Give Your Home Character with Crown Molding


Crown moulding in a house If you have finished decorating your home, remodeling the outside with new replacement windows and cleaning and reorganizing the inside, and it still looks as though something is missing, it may be that your home is simply lacking character - that special something in a home that makes it stand out. Crown molding is a great way to give your home some character. It is simple to install and it can make all the difference in the world.

Styles of Crown Molding If you go to a home improvement store and look at the variety of styles in crown molding, you will be shocked at the number available. From the rose vine crown, which has roses and vines entwined on the trim, to the egg and dart that has a line of small egg-shaped designs, the choices in molding are many. The right one for your home depends on the style of your home and your own particular style.

Material Types The material that makes up crown molding is either wood or composite material. Crown molding made from hardwood is going to have the highest cost, while the composite molding will be the least expensive. While wood molding is perfect for those that want to simply stain it and enjoy its natural beauty, the composite is much easier to paint. The decision you make will depend on budget and the look you are trying to create.

Installation While the installation of the crown molding is easy as it simply requires it to be nailed in place, you will need to be careful when cutting it. When cutting it, you must make sure that the angles are correct and that the patterns line up. If this is something that is above your expertise, you will find professionals will be able to install it quickly for you. By putting the finishing touches on your home, you can give it the character you have been missing. Crown molding is one of the most popular ways to add character to a home and it is also one of the most economical changes you can make.