Give Your Home a Winter Makeover

Lantern shining in home during wintertime 1. De-clutter and clean Clearing out clutter is the first step in any makeover, as it’s hard to see a room’s potential with random mess and ancient keepsakes in the way. Attack clutter hot-spots such as front entryways and nightstands. Buy some cheap baskets and storage boxes and use them to organize and store the belongings you don’t need out of view. Anything you don’t need – and be ruthless here – should be thrown away or donated to a charity store. Once you have more space to think, get your home sparkling with a top-to-toe clean. Vacuum and wash your floors, wipe away the dust coating your furniture and appliances, and wash your windows inside and out to let the winter sun shine in.

2. Warm up your windows Trade your floaty curtains for draperies in warmer, softer materials such as velvet and cashmere. You can buy readymade draperies from your local home store, and hem them to the right size or let them pool elegantly on the floor. Alternatively, make your own drapes using cut-price fabric from a designer outlet. During winter, blinds are a great option as they help increase the energy efficiency of your windows and protection from the low glare of winter sun. You can even find fleece-lined blinds for extra cozy luxury.

3. Give the walls a paint-over It’s a cliché because it’s true: everything can be spruced up with a lick of paint. But you don’t need to repaint your entire house to make it seem brand new. Create the illusion of space with a lighter-colored ceiling, paint a feature wall in a contrasting color, or turn the rectangle over your sofa into a ‘gallery space’ with a new block of color. You can even paint the insides of your bookshelves in a bold color for an eye-catching effect.

4. Add some warm winter accessories Think shag rugs, flannel sheets and throws and pillows in soft textures like cashmere, velvet, faux fur and wool. Winter is the time to snuggle up with plaid and tartan bedding and to light your home with soft, romantic candlelight. Look out for candles with winter scents, such as fir, cypress and heath.