Getting the Best Deal on Home Appliances

Getting the Best Deal on Home Appliances When something in your home suddenly breaks, it never seems to happen at a convenient time, does it? When you suddenly have to replace one of your major home appliances, not only do you have the inconvenience of having to do without it until you get a new one, there’s also the fact that major appliances can be quite expensive.

If you need a new appliance, but have a budget you need to stick to, here are a few tips to help you get the best deal.

Look for Dented/Scratched Models

One of the best ways to get a sizeable discount on home appliances is to look for scratched and dented models. Many stores have discounted appliances for sale that were damaged while being transported to the store or while on display as a floor model. In most cases, scratches and dents are purely cosmetic flaws that don’t have any impact on how well the appliance works. The damage might not even be very noticeable, but it’s just enough for the store to not be able to sell it at full price anymore. It’s also entirely possible you won’t even be able to see the damage once it’s in your home if the damage is located in a spot that would be facing a wall or covered up by something else. It definitely never hurts to at least look at the scratched and dented models; a fantastic deal could be waiting for you!

Keep an Eye Out for Slightly Older Models

Appliance companies are frequently releasing newer models of their appliances. When a new version of something comes out, that doesn’t necessarily mean all the older models suddenly vanish from the store floors. Those slightly older models are still out there, they just tend to get set off to the side and their price often comes down a little bit. The features will most likely only be slightly different from the newer model and it will probably perform just as well.

Shop on Holiday Weekends

Holiday weekends are famously good times to score some good deals on appliances. You don’t even necessarily have to get up before dawn and fight the crowds on Black Friday; most stores that sell appliances will have sales for practically any other major holiday weekend.

Make Sure You Get the Right Size

When you shop for appliances, it’s easy to be tempted to go with the least expensive option. With appliances, less expensive appliances are often models with smaller capacities. While you might save money up front, you have to think about whether or not it’s a good option in the long run.

If you live alone, looking for things like refrigerators, washers, and dryers with smaller capacities could be a smart way to cut down on the cost of appliances. But if you have a larger family, buying appliances that are too small might just not be worth it. For example, a washer with a smaller capacity could mean you have to do more loads of laundry, driving up your utility bills. If you really get frustrated with not having enough room to work with, you might end up wanting to replace them sooner than you really have to.

Don’t Be Tempted By Added Features

It’s easy to get drawn in by an impressive list of bells and whistles. But if you’re trying to buy appliances on a budget, try not to get too excited about them. In many cases, these types of added features drive up the total cost of the appliance without actually improving its overall performance. Ask yourself if you really think these features are things you actually need or if you already have something else in your home that performs the same function.

Once you buy your new appliance, the best thing you can do to save even more money is by taking good care of it. All home appliances have a lifespan, but regular maintenance can help extend that lifespan for quite a while!