Four Hacks to Make Spring Cleaning Less of a Drag

It's time to gear up for spring cleaning! Here are four ways to make the process easier on yourself. It’s that time again. Spring is upon us, and in addition to the budding trees and flora it brings, is the inevitable cleaning to prep for the warm weather. Spring cleaning can be an all-day, sometimes even weekend-long venture, which can make it a daunting task. Make the process less burdensome with these helpful tips!

Hunt For Missing Belongings Motivate yourself by hunting for old items that went missing over the years but were never found, like an old sweater or watch. You will be much more motivated to clean the dirty basement you have been avoiding for so long if there’s a possible reward to be had. A little change in perspective can go a long way!

Get Organized Compile a list of what needs to be brought out of your basement or storage. Categorize tasks and chores based off of what room they’re related to so that you can tackle them at separate times and in an orderly, efficient fashion. This beats the alternative of an overwhelming, disorganized list that will scare you just by looking at it.

Out With the Old Create a “throwaway” pile for all the clothes, toys, and electronics that you no longer want or have use for. In addition to clearing up space, these goods can serve a greater purpose than simply being tossed away -- they can be sold! Once you accumulate a hefty collection of goods you’re willing to part with, sell them at a garage sale or over the internet. Looking at it this way, spring cleaning could make you richer! I guess “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” after all.

Jam Out Build a playlist of feel-good songs to get you in the right mood and rhythm. Let’s be honest, cleaning isn’t exactly as fun as something like golf, so by throwing on some of your favorite tracks you can make the process less of a painstaking chore and more of a way to reacquaint yourself with some tunes that you have been meaning to listen to.