Five Ways to Dress Up Your Windows for the Festive Season

Windows are your outlook on the world, and shouldn’t be overlooked when decorating your home for the holiday season. Following are five great ways to adorn your windows in some festive cheer. Window in wintertime decorated for the holidays 1. Wreaths for a welcoming view Your front door isn’t the only place to advertise your festive spirit. With eye-catching window wreaths, you can share the season’s cheer with your entire neighborhood. First measure your windows - as a guide, a window that is 36 inches wide will need a 24- to 30-inch wreath. Once you’ve bought your permanent wreaths, you can get creative with nature’s seasonal materials. Try fresh evergreen leaves such as noble fir, eucalyptus, white pine, or magnolia leaves, as they dry naturally and retain a subtle scent throughout the season. A rosemary or bay leaf wreath is a good option for your kitchen window. Or team clusters of red pepper, holly or canella berries with a white ribbon for a classic December wreath. You can secure wreaths to your external windows with suction cups or ribbons.

2. A festive topiary peering through Think outside the traditional topiary style with a vertical hedge or single plant festooned with festive ornaments. Consider a platted or plaited ficus, a single tropical orchid, a magnolia, a flowering topiary. Or try a topiary in a cone, spiral, triple ball or pillar shape. You can also craft your own topiary. Create a glazed green and red topiary spire from vases and foam balls. For an earthy look on a classic shape, adorn a foam cone with dried seed pods, pine cones and unshelled nuts, or with rose-blushed fruits and rustic branches. Your topiary should be positioned so the top is slightly below the window’s center. Frame it with a draping of greenery of tinsel above and around the window.

3. Candles burning brightly Light up your windows with a holiday glow using elegant hurricane lamps. Or if your windowsill is deep enough, create a rustic look with a tray of different sized candles. Use battery-operated candles inside burnt-down candlesticks for an authentic glow without the fire hazard. Only use real candles with the utmost care – don’t place them near draperies and furniture, or leave them unattended.

4. Throw up a mistletoe ball Maximize your kissing opportunities this festive season with a mistletoe ball. Cover a foam sphere (around nine to 12 inches in diameter) with mistletoe or a ribbon in red, silver,gold, white, blue or green. Attach a wired ribbon to the ball with a T-pin, and make a loop to hang it from the top of your window.

5. Icicles for a cozy winter wonderland Create an enchanting icicle display with strands of pearl beads, rock crystal or holiday lights in your window.