Five Tips to Eliminate Unwanted Smells from Your Home

Eliminate unwanted smells from your home. In only a day’s time, our homes can take nosedives from smelling like fresh, welcoming abodes to gross messes our grandmothers won’t step a foot in. There are many factors that contribute to a house turning into a stink zone; the nice thing is, they can be avoided pretty easily. Read below to found out how

1. Store Trash Outside Pet droppings, rotted meat and fruit, and potent food dressings all make for a stew of gross, unwanted smells. The thing is, there’s one place we keep them: the trash. If you keep your garbage in a pantry or under the kitchen sink, a way to avoid a cocktail of putrid stenches is to relocate the trash to the garage; store the bags in trash bins (keeping the lid securely on top!) so that 1.) The smell is outside of your house and 2.) Flies and other insects are kept at bay.

2. Apply Thorough Carpet Upkeep Although not visible to the naked eye, odorous particles can be trapped within carpet that, after building up over time, can collectively lead to an unpleasant air. Avoid this by not only staying consistent with your regular vacuuming routine, but by also making sure to cover hard-to-reach spaces that you may normally overlook -- buildup can accumulate here. Furthermore, there are odor eliminator powders you can find at your local convenience store that serve as effective measures against an unsavory home aroma.

3. Clean the Garbage Disposal This is especially important if you do a lot of home cooking. With a smorgasbord of spices, textures, and pungencies, a rank smell is bound to afflict your garbage disposal every once in a while. To combat these instances, run cold water and inject a citrus-based fruit down it (like lemon); the combination should mitigate any noticeably foul or overwhelming smells.

4. Practice Tidy Bathroom Clean-Up The bathroom has never been a living space known for smelling good, which is exactly why it should be scrubbed with extra diligence. Make sure to arm yourself with the proper cleaning solutions and brushes to tackle dirty sinks, toilets, and showers (toilet bowl cleaner being an essential here). Also, clogs in your drains should be unblocked and broken up to avoid unwanted smells induced by a buildup of hair and grit.

 5. Use Candles Playing a key role in a home’s lighting, mood, and smells, candles are essential centerpieces to a home environment. There are literally hundreds of fragrances that you can select based off your scent(s) of preference.