Five Things Home Buyers Want Most

  With the inconsistencies in the housing market these days, anyone looking to sell their home needs any advantage they can get. While the ever-changing needs and wants of home buyers seem to change by the day, there’s a few things you can include to entice any potential buyer who comes by to look at your property.

Dedicated Media/Hangout Room Call it a movie room, call it a “man cave”, call it what you will, but there’s a huge appeal to having a room in your home devoted to hanging out and entertaining guests. Any specially designed room that can accommodate things like a home theater setup, tons of video game systems, or even a built-in bar will attract a ton of attention. And if you can include the needed equipment (TV, speakers, etc) with the house, even better!

Exterior Lights Not only will exterior lighting help grab buyers’ attention, they’ve actually been shown to raise the perceived value of a home. Exterior lighting has been cited in studies to be the most-wanted outdoor feature on a home, even more than ornate doors or lavish landscaping. So if you’ve got any good exterior lighting to show off, make it stand out - it could get more buyers to check your house out!

Energy Efficient Windows Everyone wants to save money where they can, and new energy efficient windows are one of the best ways to reduce a home’s energy bills. Buyers tend to be impressed with home options that can save them money without limiting their comfort or becoming inconvenient, and energy-efficient replacement windows are the perfect solution. If you’re considering selling your home, installing a set of brand-new vinyl replacement windows might just be the thing that gets your home sold!

Closet and Storage Space While not every home is going to have walk-in closets in every room, storage space is still key when buyers are looking for a home. If you have a storage shed, garage, or large closets, try to keep them free of debris when buyers are walking through your property to illustrate how much room they’ll have for all of their stuff - and if your house has any unique or unusual storage areas, show them off!

Home Offices More and more companies encourage their employees to work from home, and even when it isn’t normal business hours people are always checking email and catching up on things. While not all buyers will want a dedicated home office, those that do will place a high value on a room they can dedicate to their computers, printers, and so on. If you’re looking to court young professional buyers, a room loaded with built-in desks and shelving could be just what they’re looking for.