Five Common Plumbing Problems Homeowners Run Into

Leaky pipes There are some aspects of home ownership that are pretty much universal; installing new windows, purchasing a new laundry machine, or replacing the roofing. Other times, however, there are plumbing issues. Listed below are some plumbing mishaps you’re likely to, at some time or another, run into.

Leaky Faucets We’ve all experienced it before. The sound of that inconsistent drip of water that drops over and over again. The cause for the leak could be for a number reasons, so your first plan of action should be to determine the spot that is causing the leak and figure out if the problem is rooted in the sink’s structure (such as old washers that need to be repaired) or faulty pipes beneath the sink. Although a leaky faucet may not seem like something that needs to be handled immediately, they can eventually lead to a higher water bill and liquid damage thus should be dealt with as soon as they’re spotted.

Blocked Drains For both the kitchen and shower, random materials slowly build up in the drain over time. After a while, the drain becomes clogged and in turn disallows the passage of water through the pipes. When this happens, it’s important to clear out the trapped gunk in order to keep your sinks and showers from being backed up with a heap of rank-smelling debris. To unclog your drain, choose from using either a sewer snake, store-bought mixture, or vinegar-based mix.

Running Toilet Often times, the solution to a running toilet is a quick-fix found in the toilet’s tank such an old flapper that needs to be replaced; this is a part of a toilet that allows the water to flow in and out of the tank. For a further explanation of how to fix a running toilet, watch the video below.

Uncomfortable Shower Pressure (Too High or Low) If your shower spouts water at an uncomfortable force, the issue can be solved simply by purchasing a new shower head that you can use to regulate the pressure with. Another solution is to alter the rate of your home’s water pressure; however, it should be noted that this will influence the flow of water not only from your shower, but also all other appliances in your home that use water.

Burst Pipes During the Winter season, it’s possible for pipes to freeze and, as a result, burst; this can result in seriously expensive damages if not dealt with in a timely manner. If your pipes have burst, turn off the water, clear your home goods that are at risk of water damage, and do what you can to seal all leaks. To fully take care of leakage from burst pipes, you may want to hire further assistance from a plumber who has dealt with this issue before.