Enhancing Your Windows With Shutters

Enhancing Your Windows With Shutters Looking for new window treatments for your vinyl replacement windows? Remember, you aren’t just limited to curtains and blinds. Window shutters are another great type of window treatment. Just like blinds and curtains, shutters are available in many different styles and colors and are made of many different materials. But no matter which type of shutter you choose, they can provide a lot of benefits for your home.

Shutters are available in many different styles, but there are two main types of shutters you can choose from: interior and exterior. If you live in an area that tends to get a lot of storms, exterior window shutters are a way to help protect your windows from being damaged. All you have to do is close your shutters and your windows will have an extra layer of protection from things like strong winds, hail, and other debris. When exterior shutters aren’t closed to protect your windows, they can add a very charming touch to your home’s exterior. In fact, many homeowners place non-functional shutters on the exterior side of their windows because they’re such a great way to improve curb appeal.

Regardless if you choose interior or exterior shutters, window shutters can help make your windows more energy efficient. Since they create an extra layer between your window and the rest of your home, closed shutters can help keep cold air out during the winter and heat from the sun out of your home during the summer so you don’t have to keep your furnace or air conditioner running so much. You’ll be able to save money and live more comfortably at the same time!

Interior shutters can add a very stylish touch to the rooms in your home, but they can also make it very easy to control the amount of light and privacy you get in a room. Opening the louvers of your shutters at an upward angle will help let just a little bit of natural light in and angling the louvers at a downward angle will let fresh air in without sacrificing privacy.

Have asthma or allergies? Window shutters can be easier to clean than blinds or curtains. Typically, all you need to clean window shutters is a dry cloth. Blinds can definitely be a challenge to clean and it’s very easy for curtains to accumulate dust that can irritate your allergies.

Unlike other types of window treatments, shutters have a very unique benefit: they’re the only type of window treatment that can help improve your home’s value. Unlike curtains or blinds, shutters are permanent fixtures in a home so if you were to sell your home, they’d be included as part of the deal. With all the benefits shutters offer, it’s no wonder so many home buyers are willing to spend a little bit more on a home that has them!

Best of all, window shutters can easily be custom made to fit virtually any size or shape of window. With so many different styles of shutters out there, they can easily make a great addition to any home.