Decorating Your Newly Installed Windows For Fall


Brand new windows should never go unnoticed, especially with all of the investment and time it takes to replace them. With the colorful autumn season creeping up through shorter days and cooler temperatures, it is time to invest in a bit of fall decorating to really draw some attention towards those beautiful new windows. Colorful Window Clings Window clings are a cheap and attractive way to bring attention to windows. Vinyl windows are excellent for this, as the clings can stick seamlessly against them. There are clings for any season, whether it be Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas. Some colorful autumn leaves placed strategically along the windows will give a beautiful, seasonal flair to the home.

The clings come in a few different varieties as well. some are thin plastic, while others are a thick gel. Using both will give some depth to the fall scene of the window. These clings can be reused for a number of years, translating into future savings. Holding onto the original packaging makes for easy storage.

Candle Light Candles are not only beautiful, but they smell incredibly amazing. This trick will not only give an indoor glow for visitors, but they will fill the house with a welcoming aroma that makes any guest feel at home. Wrapping the candles in fall foliage in front of replacement windows will make them look even more beautiful for those walking in front of the home along the sidewalk.

Autumn Rich Displays If candles are not a wise option due to fire hazards, other impeccable fall creations can be used. There are many ready made decor options sold in department and hobby stores, making the decorating quick and easy. For the craftier homeowner, the thousands of DIY fall decor tutorials on the web will provide years of inspiration. Energy efficient windows resist cold air, protecting delicate collectibles or handmade items that may suffer from the cold. One can try organizing pumpkins, leaves, handmade miniature hay bales, fake fruit, cornucopias, fall figurines, and more on the window sill for an adorably intricate fall scene.

Windows are often overlooked when decorating for the autumn season. However, decorating them is the best way to show off new windows, something every homeowner is proud of. Instead of worrying about sky high electric bills from poor insulation, those who opted for energy efficiency can pull the drapes back and enjoy the dependability of their new windows.