Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper Around the House

Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper Around the House For a long time, wallpaper was something homeowners dreaded dealing with. Old wallpaper can be difficult to get rid of, trying to hang new wallpaper can be a chore, and it had a reputation for looking garish and dated. But lately, wallpaper has been coming back into favor again thanks to nicer patterns and improved wallpaper quality.

One of the biggest trends when it comes to using wallpaper is to use it for things other than walls or just on sections of walls. When you have a wallpaper with bright colors or bold prints, a little bit of wallpaper can go a long way. Whether you have a little bit of wallpaper left over after a project or are just looking for some ways to add pops of color around the house, here are a few ideas for how you can make the trend work for you.

Line Drawers and Cabinets

One of the most popular uses for wallpaper (aside from decorating walls, of course) is to use it to line the inside of drawers or cabinets, adding a pop of color to an area where people don’t often expect to see it. If you’re using peel-and-stick wallpaper, all you have to do is cut the wallpaper to fit the space and stick it on. But if you don’t have peel-and-stick wallpaper, you can simply use some double-sided tape to hold the paper in place so it doesn’t shift as you move things around in the drawer or cabinet.

Line Stair Risers

Stair risers are a great opportunity to incorporate a bright color or a bold print in a way that doesn’t overwhelm a room. Since stairs do get a lot of foot traffic, just be sure to choose a vinyl wallpaper or one that has a coating on it so it won’t be permanently damaged by scuffs.

Give Furniture a Makeover

Have a piece of furniture that’s still functional, but looks a little worn down or just doesn’t suit your decor anymore? Many people have used wallpaper to cover tabletops or to cover the sides and shelves of bookcases.

Frame It

Putting a piece of wallpaper in a picture frame is a perfect way to add a little bit of contrast to a solid-colored wall. Best of all, it’s a project that involves very little effort or energy on your part! Another option is to apply a scrap of wallpaper to the wall, then use trim moulding to act as a frame for it.

Fake a Headboard

Don’t have a headboard on your bed? Wallpaper can help you create a designated space for your bed without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a real headboard. Simply take your wallpaper, use it to cover a piece of wood that’s been cut to the size you want it to be, then attach it to the wall by your bed. Apply trim moulding around the edges of your new headboard to make it look more finished.