Condensation Between Window Panes: Just One More Sign You Should Buy Windows with a 35-Year Warranty

There are plenty of reasons why you should replace your home’s old, outdated windows with new ones from a quality Michigan replacement windows supplier. Before making your purchase, however, you should take a long look at the features that certain replacement models offer and their protected warranties. Here is a brief look at window condensation and why you should protect against it with a 35-year warranty. Condensation Is a Common Occurrence While many problems with your home’s windows are age-related, condensation can occur no matter how old your replacement windows are. Condensation occurs as a result of water vapor getting trapped between panes after a major change in temperature. Once you notice excess condensation on your windows, your warranty should allow you to replace them with models with strong seals and high R-values.

Buildup Can Be a Tricky Problem to Solve Unfortunately, there are not many effective ways for homeowners to eliminate condensation once it begins to form between panes. The best remedy for this problem is to replace the window and prevent future condensation issues by reducing the humidity level inside the home.

A Warranty Will Protect Your Investment For many homeowners, purchasing replacement windows is a major investment. The best way to get the most out of such an investment is with a comprehensive warranty. Should your windows develop condensation between the panes that cannot be remedied, you can easily replace them under the terms of a dependable warranty from your Michigan replacement windows dealer.

At Wallside Windows, we offer our Detroit-area clients a 35-year warranty on all of our products. That means you never have to worry about replacing your window when problems like condensation arise. To learn more about how our warranty can provide you with peace of mind, call us at (313) 908-5243.