Benefits of Replacing Your Windows in Colder Weather

Benefits of Replacing Your Windows in Colder Weather Certain types of home improvement projects are best when done during specific times of the year. For example, spring is the best time of year to have a new deck installed because that’s when the ground is softest, making installation easier. On the other hand, the cold winter months are actually ideal for laying the new foundation for an addition to your home. But one project that many homeowners don’t realize can be done at any time of year is having vinyl replacement windows installed.

Spring and summer are the most popular times of year to have windows replaced, but there’s no absolutely no reason why window replacement should only be limited to those times of year. In fact, there are some great benefits to having your windows replaced during the winter or later in the fall.

Immediate Results

Sometimes, you might not realize just how drafty and inefficient your windows are until the temperature starts to drop. Once the cold weather starts rolling in, drafts suddenly become a lot more apparent. If you have windows that are so inefficient that you can tell how cold it is outside just by touching the glass, you certainly don’t want to spend all winter being uncomfortable in your own home and paying more than you should have to on your energy bills. By having your windows replaced right away, rather than waiting for next spring or summer, you’ll immediately be a lot more comfortable and you’ll see your energy bills start to go down right away.

Better Prices and Faster Installation

The fact that so many people are eager to have windows replaced during the summer can actually work in your favor. Since companies that install windows aren’t as busy during the colder months, they typically have special deals and sales during the off season. When you schedule your window replacement during the off season, you not only stand to save quite a bit of money on your new windows, you probably won’t have to wait as long for your new windows to be installed as you would if you replaced your windows during the summer.

Efficient Installation

Summertime can be a very humid time of year, which can cause the wood framing of your home to swell and expand a little bit. Waiting for the weather to cool off before having your windows replaced gives the wood framing a chance to return to its normal size, allowing for extremely efficient window installation.

Some of the most common reasons why homeowners prefer to wait for warm weather to have their windows installed is because they’re worried the job will make their whole house cold or that workers will track snow and water throughout their home. If you’re concerned about these sorts of things, ask your window company about what measures they’ll take to avoid them. A reputable company will do things like use protective floor coverings to avoid damaging your home or work with doors shut to prevent cold air from working its way elsewhere in the house.