Beginners Guide to Growing Vegetables


basket of vegetables There are so Many to Choose From

Springtime has come about and you’re in the mood for growing some vegetables in your garden this year, and hope that they taste exactly or better than the ones you’d get from your local farmers market.  You’re not picky though and can’t figure out which veggies to plant and grow into perfection.  With so many choices at your disposal you’re up in the air about what you should grow.  For beginners though there are specific vegetables that are easier to grow than others.  Also, you want to make sure that whatever you do choose to grow that they look good next to your beautiful vinyl replacement windows installed by Wallside Windows.


Bugs Bunny’s favorite food is said by many as the easiest to grow because all of the growing occurs below the surface that you plant the seed in.  You can find a deep pot to grow carrots in, but your best bet is to grow them directly in the ground in some healthy soil.  Make sure seeds are planted a few inches away from each other so, they don’t interfere with one another.  Also, make sure the soil isn’t rocky either because it could make for some crooked, not great looking carrots.  After around 70 or 80 days of proper maintenance to the carrots they should be ready to pick, but just to know for sure that they’re ready to be picked, watch for the orange top of the carrot just above ground.  If you see that, then loosen the soil around the carrot before you yank it out.   


One benefit to growing lettuce is that you don’t need much seeding to produce a ton of lettuce as one packet of seeds can sometimes produce 30 to 40 pounds of lettuce.  Be sure that before you start planting your seeds that you make sure the soil has a bunch of compost in it because lettuce needs to be constantly fed, and the pH level needs to be neutral as well.  As the lettuce is growing over the days be sure that all your plants aren’t in an area that has high heat levels.  If it’s too hot your lettuce can turn bitter real quick.  After proper maintenance, your lettuce will be ready to pick in 50 days, but don’t pull the whole plant out.  Only the outer leaves will be good for picking while the rest will be good to pick after another 30 days or so.


Tomatoes are probably the most popular vegetable/fruit to grow among gardeners around the United States.  You can yield so many tomatoes with just a few plants.  To be exact, you can feed an entire family for a whole summer with just a couple of plants.  Again, you’ll need compost filled soil to in order for healthy tomatoes to grow successfully.  You’ll have to plant seeds a couple feet apart so there’s no interference involved along with planting a stake in the ground where the seed is to make sure the plant stays supported during growth.  The best part is that as soon as the tomatoes start showing their red color you can pick them off, or you can simply wait until the tomatoes fall off the plant to wash them and eat them up.