Adding Window Seats to Your Home

Adding Window Seats to Your Home Winter is a great time of year for creating a cozy home environment. Not only are you making your home a more comfortable place to live, it gives you something to do when you are stuck inside when it’s cold outside. If you have a large window that provides you with a great view of the outdoors, then why not consider building a window seat? That way, you’ll have a comfortable place to sit so you can fully enjoy the natural sunlight or admire your lovely yard.

When the windows next to a window seat are single-pane or have degraded frames, it is nearly impossible to enjoy the area because it’s too cold to want to sit so close to the window. But if you’ve recently had some new vinyl replacement windows installed, adding a window seat is a great way fully enjoy them.

Create a Unique Design

Window seats can be pretty simple to build. Just take a look around to find some design inspiration. There are lots of fantastic photographs of window seat designs in magazines or online to help you create a plan for your own home. You might even want to build more than one window seat after seeing how easy it is and how it adds to the comfort of a home!

Create Additional Storage Space

One of the most valuable aspects of having a window seat is that it can be used to create additional storage. In some cases, a builder can create a window seat with a cover that has hinges in order to store seasonal clothing, holiday decorations or children’s toys. If you are going to have this type of window seat, then make sure it has tiny holes for ventilation and strong hinges to prevent injuries. You can buy or make a soft fabric-covered pad for the top of this window seat to make it more comfortable to sit on while reading a book or listening to music.

Build Large or Small Seats If you have a larger window in your home, then it is possible to create a longer and wider window seat that is perfect for a daybed. This area is perfect for taking a nap, or you can use it for overnight guests. For homes with small windows, it is possible to make a tiny window seat with accessories such as built-in bookshelves on each side or underneath the space. When there is an area above the window seat, you can also have shelves added to hold decorative items such as sculptures or vases.