Adding Light to Your Home With Skylights

Adding Light to Your Home With Skylights It’s no secret that windows can make a dramatic difference in the way your room looks. If you have a room full of old windows, new vinyl replacement windows can give the room an entirely new look. And, of course, the amount of light they provide can make a world of difference. But if you have a room that just doesn’t get as much natural light as you’d like, you might have to take other measures beyond replacing your windows to get the results you want.

When you’re dealing with a room that doesn’t have windows, is located in a place that just doesn’t get much natural sunlight, or has smaller windows, one option you might want to consider is a skylight. Changing your home’s lighting systems is another option, but skylights tend to be a popular choice since many people like the feeling of being more connected with the outside world.

Although many homeowners love them, skylights have kind of gotten a bad reputation over the years for being leaky and poorly insulated. But skylights have become better constructed over time. As long as they’re installed correctly and flashed properly, you shouldn’t have to worry about your skylight leaking. Energy efficient skylight options are also available to help cut down on potential heat and other energy losses.

One of the main reasons homeowners are interested in skylights is because they see them as a way to help cut down on their energy bills. Since skylights let more natural sunlight in, homeowners see skylights as a way to cut down on how much they use electrical lights. Some people feel like they could even cut down on their heating bills since the extra sunlight will help make their home feel warmer. If these are the sorts of things you’re looking to do, be sure to look for skylights with low-e coatings, multiple panes, and low conductivity frames. Also, be sure to talk to your contractor about making sure your skylight would be placed to allow for optimal light and solar heat.

If adding skylights seems like they’d be too expensive for you, another option you might want to look into is solar tubes. Solar tubes provide many of the same benefits of skylights, but are considerably less expensive and easier to install than skylights.

Whether you choose skylights or solar tubes, they can help make your home more enjoyable all year long. During the cold winter months, they can help you feel like you’re getting more exposure to natural daylight, even when the days are shorter. They can also make smaller rooms feel more open. Not to mention how nice it can be to look up and admire a beautiful night sky without having to actually leave the house!