A Guide to Keeping Your Windows Sparkling All Year Round

Your window glass is a crucial part of the visual and architectural appeal of your home. It is easy to keep your windows spotlessly clean when you use the proper materials and follow a few simple guidelines. Here is a guide to keeping your windows sparkling all year round: Use the Proper Equipment When washing your windows, you can either choose a commercially available glass cleaning solution or a homemade solution of one part vinegar and one part warm water. You will also need a large squeegee blade, a sponge, lint-free cloths or paper towels, and a ladder for reaching high windows. To protect your hands, you can also wear rubber gloves.

Clean From Top to Bottom To begin the cleaning process, first apply a generous coating of cleaning solution to the entire window and scrub gently with a sponge. Next, remove the cleaning solution using the squeegee, and make sure to draw the liquid away from the top corner to the bottom. Make sure that you squeegee off all of the cleaning solution, including any residue along the sill. Finally, touch up any areas with your lint-free cloth or sponge. The result should be a clean and sparkling window with no streaks.

Time Your Cleaning Find a time of day to clean your windows when the sun is not directly shining on the windowpane. Sunshine can cause your windows to dry with a streaky pattern, and you will have to clean them all over again.  Also, be sure to wash your windows regularly to prevent unsightly dirt and buildup from forming between washes. The more often you wash your windows, the faster and more efficient the cleaning process will become!

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