5 questions to ask the salesperson when you’re buying replacement windows

There are a lot of things to consider when searching for new windows. Wondering where to start? How can you be confident you’re getting the highest quality and best deal?

Windows aren’t something you buy on a regular basis, so most of us aren’t window experts. If your home has older windows, a lot has changed to make windows more energy efficient than the ones you’re used to.

We suggest scheduling an in-home estimate for your new windows. A knowledgable salesperson – someone who has seen A LOT of windows – will visit your home, look at your windows and give you a price quote for new ones.

It’s a good idea to ask these 5 questions of anyone selling replacement windows:

1.    Are your windows made in standard sizes or is everything custom made to fit each home?

You don’t want an off-the-rack window. If it wasn’t custom-made for the opening in your home, an installer will need to make it fit. That often means tons of extra material wedged around your windows. It never looks good and isn’t very energy efficient.

2.    Where are the windows made?

Beware of buying windows through a middleman. If your windows are coming from a faraway state (or even another country) they may not be made with our harsh weather in mind. If anything goes wrong during installation, or sometime down the road, it’s also nice to have someone from the factory drive over with a replacement part.

Wallside’s windows are manufactured in Taylor, Michigan by people who know why energy efficiency is important in weather like ours. When you choose Wallside, you can rest easy. We aren’t selling you someone else’s windows. We make your windows specifically for you.

Wallside quality also means energy efficiency. “Everything we manufacture here in our factory is all Energy Star certified,” said Steve Rivard, Sales Manager at Wallside.

3.    What are the payment terms?

New windows are a significant investment for any household. Because of the cost, many customers choose to finance their windows. Be wary of any window salesperson who is not willing or able to discuss financing details when they give you a price. Make sure you know the true cost before you sign anything.

Wallside makes it easy by offering financing and discussing the details at your estimate appointment. In most cases, we can tell you, on the spot, whether you are approved for financing.

If you’re able to pay for your windows up front, many window companies offer specials and promotions. Be sure to ask about the details of those options.

4.    Who will install the windows and when will they do the work?

You can buy the best windows in the world, but if the people who are installing them aren’t qualified to do so, you won’t be satisfied with the results. The installers we work with are efficient and effective professionals. They treat your home with care, they test the windows and they’ll answer any questions you may have.

“It takes a day or less for an installation team to put in new Wallside Windows,” Rivard said. “Our installers install windows. They don’t build decks or sunrooms or finished basements. The professionals who bring your new windows will have installed tens of thousands of Wallside Windows before.”

Before you pay for anything, always ask when your windows will be installed. It takes time to build custom made windows, but the salesperson from any window company should be able to give you a date that your windows will be in your home. Always make sure you know that date before the salesperson leaves your house. No one wants to buy windows today, only to learn later that it will take 6 months before they can be installed.

5.    What sort of warranty will cover my windows? Can I read that guarantee?

Warranties are important for any product that is made to last – especially when it needs to withstand our weather. Always ask to see a warranty document before you buy windows. Don’t just accept a salesperson’s description of their warranty without reading it and considering how long their company will be around.

When you buy from Wallside, you have nothing to worry about for a generation. Our 35-year guarantee means you won’t need to worry about your windows for many years to come. Better yet, that guarantee stays with the home, offering a nice perk to a potential buyer if you’re looking to sell.

Our experts at Wallside Windows are ready to answer your questions about buying new windows.

Our experts at Wallside Windows are ready to answer your questions about buying new windows.

We’ve been family owned and operated for 74 years, and our service department will treat you like family.

“Service is the key to anything,” Rivard said.

If you’re not satisfied with your windows for any reason, we are here to help. It’s these reasons and more that make Wallside the most preferred, most referred window company out there.

Ready to start your search for new windows? Schedule a free estimate today! Learn more about Wallside Windows by contacting us online or calling 1-800-521-7800. Schedule a free estimate today.