5 Great Home Improvement Projects to Do During the Winter

5 Great Home Improvement Projects to Do During the Winter There are many reasons why homeowners often choose to start home improvement projects during the spring and summer. Some homeowners like to wait until they have their tax refunds before starting projects, while others just want to avoid as many weather-related delays as possible. In some cases, a person might need to accumulate vacation time at work so they can be at home to monitor the project. By the time fall and winter come around, many homeowners either feel like they can’t have certain projects done or they don’t want to start anything too close to the holidays. But there are quite a few home improvement projects you can absolutely do during the winter. In fact, there can be some big advantages to having those projects once the weather turns cold. Here are five projects that are ideal for the winter months.

Indoor Painting

The colder the weather gets, the more time you’ll probably be spending around the house. During a long, cold winter, it’s very easy for homeowners to start getting bored with their surroundings. If you need a little change of scenery, why not go to the hardware store and look for some new colors of paint? Winter is an excellent time of year to take care of those painting jobs you may have been putting off since you’ll probably prefer to be out enjoying the weather once spring comes around again. Painting is a relatively easy and inexpensive home improvement project to do, it helps keep you busy, and a new coat of paint can do a lot to brighten up your home during an otherwise dreary season.

Window Replacement

Thinking about having some windows in your home replaced? You don’t have to wait until spring or summer to have the job done. Since so many people choose to have their windows replaced during the warmer months of the year, many companies that install vinyl replacement windows offer excellent deals during the winter because they’re not so busy then. You’ll be able to get the windows you need at an excellent price and won’t have to deal with higher energy bills and drafty windows all winter long.

Home Additions

Planning to build an addition to your home? Winter is an excellent time of year to get the ball rolling on that. Additions to the lower level of a home that require digging and pouring a new foundation are actually ideal to start in winter because the frozen ground and drier air makes the job easier. The whole job might not be completed during the winter, but if workers are able to at least get the foundation down and the addition framed, they’ll be in a better position to keep working through the spring. As an added bonus, building supplies tend to be cheaper during this time of year since there is less demand for them.

Adding Insulation

Like replacing your windows, adding extra insulation to your home gives you the immediate benefits of making your home more comfortable and lowering your energy bills. It’s estimated that 90% of American homes are under insulated. So unless your home is a very recent build, the odds are good that your home could benefit from some added insulation.

Tree Maintenance

Believe it or not, many landscaping companies and companies that specialize in taking care of trees stay open during the winter. If you weren’t able to have your trees trimmed or removed during the summer or early fall, you’re definitely not out of luck. Some types of trees can actually only be trimmed during the winter and the fact that the leaves have fallen off the tree makes it easier for workers to see exactly what they’re dealing with. Since the ground is harder in the winter, it’s also easier for workers to get their equipment near the tree and their equipment will be less damaging to your yard since the ground isn’t soft anymore. The cost of having a professional take care of a tree for you will ultimately depend on the job, but many companies often do charge less during the off-season.