5 Creative Ways to Add Privacy to Your Deck or Patio

Add Privacy to Deck or Patio
Add Privacy to Deck or Patio

Whether you’re spending time by yourself or entertaining a group of friends, decks and patios are the perfect place to relax and have fun during the spring and summer. But no matter how much you like your neighbors, that doesn’t necessarily mean you always want them to be able to see you as you relax in your yard. Many people have decks and patios which don’t offer much in the way of privacy. But whether you’re in the process of planning a brand new patio or trying to fix up your existing deck, there are plenty of ways to add privacy that don’t involve putting up a fence.


Plants are an excellent way to naturally add privacy to your yard. Hedges will do the job nicely, but you can also use tall-growing plants like non-invasive types of bamboo, boxwood, cypress, and arborvitae also do the trick. A less conventional option is to create a vertical garden, like this one as seen on AKA Design.


While we’re on the subject of plants, another option to consider is putting up a trellis and letting climbing plants grow over it. The trellis alone helps define your space a little bit more, but if you plant things like trumpet vine, clematis, morning glories, jasmine, and wisteria around the trellis, the plants will grow around it and fill it in.


Curtains are always a great way to create privacy, even outside. You may be able to buy some curtains intended for outdoor use. You could also make your own curtains by painting drop cloths. Depending on what your setup is like, you may be able to attach curtains to an awning. If you don’t have anything to attach curtains to, you can use free standing curtain rods or make your own using PVC pipes.


Screens are an excellent choice for adding privacy to a deck or patio and there are many different styles of screens to choose from. Wood screens are very popular, whether you build them yourself or buy screens ready-made. Many people have made their own screens using things like old, discarded window shutters and doors. Wicker screens are another material which works well for outdoor screens.

Colorful Sheets of Acrylic or Plexiglass

Like the idea of making your own outdoor screens and want something more colorful than a wood or wicker screen? Perhaps you could get some colorful sheets of acrylic or plexiglass to create your own screen, such as this one seen on Homedit.