5 Common Questions About Replacement Windows, Answered

Selecting the perfect window option from your Michigan replacement windows supplier requires a careful consideration for your home’s needs. At Wallside Windows, we’re dedicated to helping you find just what you need to complete a successful window upgrade. To get started, take a look at the answers to these five common questions about replacement windows.

What Benefits Does Window Replacement Have Over Repairs?
Replacing your outdated or damaged windows is one the easiest ways to increase your home’s value. Replacing windows is also more cost-efficient than repairing them, and leaves you with high performance, easy-to-maintain windows.

Do Replacement Windows Reduce Energy Costs?
In a word: yes. By switching out your old windows with modern replacements, you will reduce your costs tremendously. This is thanks in part to replacement models’ low-E coatings, insulating gas fills, and efficient U-factor ratings.

What Materials Can I Choose From?
Wallside Windows offers replacement windows constructed from a variety of materials, including plywood, steel, pine, oak, and vinyl. From the aesthetic appeal that wood has to offer to the low maintenance qualities of vinyl, every material presents its own advantages.

What Is an Energy Star-Certified Window?
The Energy Star program is a government-supported initiative intended to provide consumers with energy-efficient household products. Energy Star windows receive a seal of approval from the Department of Energy and the EPA, which indicates that these products will help homeowners like you reduce carbon emissions and save on energy.

Is Replacement Window Installation a DIY Project?
Simply put, the answer to this question is “no.” The benefits of replacement windows—including attractiveness, energy efficiency, and durability—are greatly reduced if the windows are not properly installed by an experienced professional.

If you still have questions about replacement windows, then speak with one of the knowledgeable staff members at Wallside Windows. We’ve been helping Detroit-area customers upgrade their home windows for over 60 years. Call us at (313) 908-5243 to learn more about our replacement windows.