5 Alternative Window Dressings

5 Alternative Window Dressings Are you looking to add a little flavor to your home or getting ready to put your house on the market? Something to consider is the windows, whether they are new replacement windows or original antiques. Are your window treatments doing their part to brighten up your place? Maybe you could add something different that will diffuse light and a give a fresh feel to a room? Here are five ideas for window treatments that aren’t traditional blinds or drapes:


Combining aesthetics with function, this little trick will offer so many uses and serve the main function of allowing privacy and filtering the light that comes into your house. In a kitchen setting, this is an excellent space for glasses to be stored. The sunlight gets a little extra tone as it passes through the glasses and into the room. Also, it is an ideal spot for an arrangement of plants, especially ones that need a lot of sunlight.

Shelves on Windows

Stained Glass

Purchase several rolls of different color contact paper and cut out some geometric shapes. Then arrange the shapes in a pattern or a more random display to allow light to pass through the window, but still obscure the view from the outside. Of course, the colors that cascade into the room is a lovely way to dress up the room.   

Painted Trim

Vibrant colors added to the window frame can really add an accent to a room that it lacked before. This works particularly well with windows that aren’t intended to be covered. A bright color enhances the light as it passes through the window pane and brings visual interest to the room.

Painted Window Frame


Beaded curtains are a great way to add color and privacy to a room. Usually found in assorted colors, beaded curtains can add an eccentric feel to a room while still obscuring the outside view and filtering incoming light.

Window Beads

Thrift Store Finds

If you enjoy flea market and resale shop treasures, but don’t always know what to do with them, a DIY valance may be the answer. Whether it is a unique carved bit of wood, like a frieze or a vintage sign, these can be fastened to the top of the window well blocking the light from above and still allowing ample light to permeate into your room.

Whatever it is that you want to do to spice up your windows, there are a lot of options for you to choose from. They don’t always have to be the traditional options, you can adapt so many things to dress up your windows, adding personality with simple, inexpensive methods.