4 Popular Window Styles

Windows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. You can mix and match any type of window to achieve the look and function you want for your Michigan home. At Wallside Windows, we proudly provide high-quality windows in every style with our unique 35-year guarantee. Single Hung Windows A single hung window consists of two sashes hung vertically atop one another. The bottom sash slides up and down so the window can be opened or closed. Single hung windows are economical and have few moving parts. They are less complicated to manufacture and thus lower in price than other window options. Single hung windows are appropriate for many areas of the home, particularly second- or third-story windows.

Double Hung Windows A double hung window has the same appearance as a single hung window, but both sashes can be moved up and down. Although the total area providing ventilation is the same, these windows can be more convenient for office areas or bedrooms. Opening the top sash provides adequate ventilation without compromising security or creating a paper-scattering breeze at the level of your desk.

Casement Windows Casement windows open on one side like a door. They provide superior ventilation because the entire window can be opened at once. Casement windows provide a tight seal against outdoor air as well, so they are good for areas of the home that receive a lot of wind. You can open them to provide fresh air on mild days and close them tightly against the weather on poorer days.

Horizontal Sliding Windows Horizontal sliding windows have two sashes placed side by side. One sash is slid horizontally aside to provide ventilation. These windows are the best choices in kitchens or work areas, and are often placed above sinks or counters. They can be easily opened regardless of objects blocking your access to the window.

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