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Our gift to you: As much as $150 for each friend you refer

We appreciate every customer who chooses to improve their home with us. If you've just added Wallside Windows to your home, welcome to the family!

For more than 70 years, much of our success has come from word of mouth. We appreciate when one neighbor recommends Wallside to another.

Do you have friends or neighbors looking to purchase Wallside Windows for the first time? If you share their names with us and they buy new windows before the end of January 2018, we'll reward you with an extra $50 beyond our normal referral bonus:

  • $50 $100 for each job you recommend over $900.
  • $100 $150 for each job you recommend over $3,500.

The holidays are a time to bring friends and family into your home. We hope your season is filled with warmth and good cheer. All the best, from our family to yours!

*Additional $50 holiday bonus is provided only if a referred customer purchases Wallside Windows by January 31, 2018.  For any purchases after Jan 31, 2018, normal referral rates apply. Referral bonuses are rewarded after windows are installed.


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